by Assaiante

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Mixed and Mastered By Roothle$$


You want to hear something stupid I wrote down?
What if the world was made happiness instead of frowns
what if the earth was made of daffodils instead of ground?
What if my girl would take me back instead of let me down

I heard that god was saftey net for the angels falling
I heard my dog was in heaven safely
i hear em barking
what if my moms was in heaven
lately i been the farthest
Thinking while im drinking and my kidney prolly honest
And i wish id stop arguing with my father
Like yall birthed me, but i cursed em out
Dont hate em its just word of mouth
He hate me make it worse cus now
He kick me out im on the town


My world called me her world called her yall get the message
My world farther than worlds are to the next dimension
A bird followed my lonely soul
To a different sentence
Im sure certain my girls further than misdirected

The team told me if I want it gon we gon have to work
And afterwords we make the check
making all them sounds you heard
Sounding out astounding words
A thousand miles per hour drown in burbon and some downers
Nodding off i let the ounces burn


Whats Hell to Heathens
Whats roaring waters to martyrs we
We shelf connivence
I see it and want no part
i beg your pardon
Aint no star
but my constellation the farthest
No consulation regardless
I pop and space out to mars
and hello god listen
prolly take me out tomorrow
i stopped sipping
hate me let me take me if its gods given

Raise your left hands to the fans when i stop spitting

i dont know if
i could go a nother year


released June 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Assaiante Rhode Island

Assaiante is an upcoming rapper from Rhode Island. White Crow // Signed to The Lonely Ent.

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